These instructions assume that you have an Asbestos machine booting the kernel and filesystem that you are interested in testing, and that you are doing the testing from a machine that can reach the test machine over the network.

Bechmarking Throughput

Edit the parameters at the top of bench/benchmark-users. You can now run this script to benchmark the throughput of OKWS on Asbestos. The script will store the results of each test in a subdirectory and then reboot the test machine for the next test. It will then run equivelant test for Apache and Mod-Apache after propting the operator to switch OSs/servers.

The bench/throughput script will print out the throuput of each of the tests and the bench/tgraph script will generate a graph of the same information. If profiling information is collected, that data can be processed with the bench/utilization, and bench/util-wallclock scripts.

Benchmarking Memory

Similar steps apply. The script for benchmarking memory is bench/benchmark-mem. The script to process the output is bench/mem-graph.

Optimizations for Benchmarking

Comment out the line “#define PROFILING 1” in kern/profile.h inc/profile.h and okdb/okdb.c. In the toplevel GNUmakefile, set the KERN_CFLAGS to the correction version (listed in the file).

It might also be a good idea to disable the “dbug label history” functionality by setting HAVE_ASDEBUG_LABEL_HISTORY to 0 in kern/kconfig.h

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